Myanmar : Vihara collective

Myanmar : Vihara collective

Myanmar, octobre 2016,  I met my first farmer Adam in Bagan. He is the farmer for the Vihara Collective project. The project was founded by Damon Zumbroegel who has been travelling in Myanmar for 13 years.

« Vihara Collective is a group supporting dignity and hope in humans by providing the basic necessities of life……food, shelter, clothing, and medicine »

I spend one day at the farm with Adam. He explain me the projetc, show me the amazing farm and offerd me one of the most amazing sunset I ever had (thanks so much for that ;))


Adam try a lot of different technics to grow up fruits and vegetable. The last year the Vihara team build new bric beds. It helps to keep humidity around the seeds and it’s very nice 🙂

During my visit the team was just building the compost zone, in the middle of the garden of course !


Last novembre they received around 30 local farmers to show how agriculture can be do in an ecologic way.


Next ?

The owners decided to go step by step. Now is the time to improve the garden and show to local people than agriculture could be different, xithout chemicals.

The next step is to show the project to travellers as an eco touristic place. Accomodations will be build and the place should become volunteers to help them.


So keep in touch with Viharacollective amazing project !

Go and like the FB page to see the amazing pics of the farm : Vihara Collective

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